Corporate Gym Solutions

Gymers Consultant is an expert at designing corporate gyms for any budget also provides turnkey gym management services and wellness programs.

By implementing a corporate gym into the workplace, companies are not only improving the health and well-being of their employees but also increasing productivity because employees easily find time to exercise and healthy employees perform better. Also, help in job satisfaction which improves your company’s recruitment and retaining ability. Staff morale and reducing the incidence of sickness and absence, seeing that the company is providing them such an added advantage

Design & Build-Out

If you’re considering setting up a gym setup for your company then connect with us! We are experts at corporate gym design and complete setup for any budget. We can help you with space allocation, design, construction, and recommendations for the procurement of fitness equipment. Our consultant will work with your project team to provide operational expertise in the design stage of the project and our core team will provide support and guidance during the construction phase through to launching the gym to your employees.

Management Solutions

We offer a number of gym management plans to ensure the smooth operation of company gyms and our well-qualified and certified gym instructors can deliver gym inductions and health and safety training to ensure all employees are familiar with office gym equipment operation.
You can be complemented with the provision of on-site services such as nutrition consultation, physiotherapy, health assessments and one-to-one fitness training.

Equipment - Maintenance & Repair

All fitness equipment should be regularly serviced and maintained. We are able to provide several gym equipment service options which will ensure your office gym equipment is safe to use and works perfectly.

We offer an easy and reasonable gym equipment maintenance program. Our goal is to eliminate downtime at your facility. A preventative maintenance program will lower your repair costs on older equipment and increase the lifespan of newer equipment.

  • Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits. Choose: Monthly to Annual
  • Increases uptime of your equipment.
  • Ability to schedule preventative maintenance visits at convenient time.
  • Extends the life of the equipment.
  • Provides members with an optimum experience.
  • Reduces club staffing requirements and 3rd party service expenses.
  • Factory-trained service technician performs comprehensive maintenance.
  • Provides detailed diagnostic report following each preventative maintenance visit.

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