Design & Setup

We know what it takes to successfully start a new fitness club.

If are you looking to open a gym and considering hiring a gym management company, you are at the right place.​

Our management team at Gymers Consultant has achieved decades of proven success in setting up gyms and fitness clubs in India. Having owned and operated multiple gyms and fitness centers over the years, our experts understand the challenges you will face in starting your own gym start-up. It’s not as easy as we think, it requires an effective gym business plan, the right skills, the right strategy, plus a lot of expenses in planning and research, it also takes time a lot, commitment, and money. If this is simply not feasible, you risk all your efforts being a waste of energy.

Hiring a gym management company for your complete gym setup solutions is a smart move as gym consultants not only help you set up a gym but also helps you grow your business with years of expertise.

The process of opening a profitable gym business.

We start by getting to know you, understanding your business vision, and identifying how we can best assist you. From there, we scientifically approach the process by following these steps:

Develop a business plan

to identify your vision and detailed presentation of the proposed business and its feasibility.

Location study

assess demographics, market potential and competitions to understand the viability of your business.

Create financial plan

to understand your club’s profit and loss, recurring cost, total investment and projected ROI.

The design & setup

by the industry’s top fitness club developers for an elegant, profitable and highly compact facility.

An effective marketing Plan

to increase brand visibility, market presence, lead generation and sales revenue.

Hire talented staffs

train them the entire club process, how to run an efficient organization and provide the best customer service.

Provide Pre-sales assistance​​

for selling membership and increasing sales from incoming inquiries.

Operational planning & support​​

for best customer service and meeting the client’s need.

Inauguration - A final day

to create an event to welcome all members and guests to the grand opening of your gym.

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