Business Plan Development

If you are opening a new gym or fitness club or want to grow your existing one, it is essential to have an effective business plan. A great business plan clearly identifies your vision, examines the feasibility of the business, and serves as a sales document if you want to attract investors and banks.

As business consultants and fitness industry professionals, we can develop and write a complete business plan as per your interest and requirement.

Highlights of what we include in a comprehensive business plan are outlined below.

Executive Summary

The executive summary presents the key points of the overall plan in a concise and optimistic manner that captures the reader's attention and inspires them to learn more about it.

Market Research & Analysis

It speaks about the target market trend, market potential, market structure, competition, and the risks associated with the development and operation of the business. ​

  • Where the business will be located
  • The demographic of potential customers
  • An overall review of the market and identification
The Business Model

This section presents a detailed description of the business concept and future prospects with a three-year financial projection including revenue-generating and expense breakdowns.​

Staffing Structure: Owners, Management and Staff

Here, you will get in detail, who will be part of your team, what expertise and skills they will bring, and an outline of the organizational structure as well as their roles.​

Design & Build-Out

This section is about what the club will look like? Who is going to design and build it? What equipment will you have? How will be gym interior and layout be?​

Pricing, Marketing and Sales

This section includes detailed information on pre-launch and post-opening marketing strategies, membership structures, branding possibilities, and sales.​

Financial Plan & Forecasting

Here, you get information related to three-year forward-looking profit and loss, balance sheet, cash-flow statement, break-even analysis, and return on investment along with revenue generation.

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