How to start a gym in India?

For those who want to start a new gym or fitness club, there is a real opportunity. However, as with building any business, it is essential to be well prepared to keep in mind each and every parameter and detail.

If you are just planning to open a gym, then let us tell you that it is quite easy. Below are some steps that you can follow:

  • Find a place – This can be on rent or at your own place.
  • Develop the area – start construction work and design as you want.
  • Buy equipment – place them according to your layout.
  • Staffing – Hire Gym Staff
  • Inauguration – Invite your guests and acquaintances and have a ceremony.

But if you want to start a fitness business and are opening a gym then things will be very different, it will not be that easy to do. There are several things to keep in mind here:

Phase -1

Do a market analysis. This is very important to start a business. For this, you have to do some homework like,

  • Who are your potential customers?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Which location should you choose for your gym?
  • Who are your competitors?

Then, write a business plan because a comprehensive business plan is needed. The plan will clearly identify your vision; check the viability of the business like, what would the business model be?

  • What will be the structure of staff and organization?
  • How will be gym interior and layout be?
  • What equipment will you have?

Make a financial forecast – this is one of the key points of your project and needs to be particularly detailed and consistent. Here’s what should happen in this part:

  • Investment plan
  • ROI plan
  • Profit and Loss Report

Phase -2

Optimize the Layout – It’s time to design the best possible setup for your premises.

Buy Equipment – It is recommended to buy quality machines from the start rather than paying regular repair costs and not knowing when the next machine will fail.

Hire Qualified Gym Staff – Choose carefully who you want to hire, as your staff directly represent you and are the face of your gym.


Grow Your Business – Choose your marketing strategy. It is very important to have a well-designed strategy for marketing your gym, knowing your goals, and how to grow your business effectively.

Start Pre-Sales – Setup pre-opening offers now. It is time to market your gym pre-opening offer.

Inauguration – You need to have a grand opening for your gym. It also allows you to welcome those in the local community and show them the benefits of your fitness business in person.

Manage the admiration – This is probably the least appreciated task for gym owners, but it is still important and necessary. In order to develop your gym, you must always have an overview of the results, financial planning, gym operations, member acquisition, and team management. You will be able to make the best decisions only by knowing all this information.


As you will have probably understood, opening and managing a gym is a significant investment in terms of effort, time, and money. Your passion for fitness will not always be enough and you will need to stay motivated. Surround yourself with the right people and make your decisions by thinking in the long term. Do not forget that the results of your actions might take time to be observable.

As with any business, an organization is the key to success. That’s why a gym management company like Gymers Consultant, which not only helps you set up a gym, but it helps you grow your business with years of expertise. Gymers Consultant provides the ideal one-stop shop for gym business solutions. Our dedicated gym business consulting support team help you with –

  • Site Selection
  • Location Study
  • Design a business plan
  • Cost and budgeting
  • Gym Layout and floor plan
  • Construction and Interior
  • Vendor selection
  • Selection of equipment
  • Staff hiring and training
  • Marketing Strategy and brand assistance
  • Proven pre-sales support
  • Inauguration and opening ceremony
  • On-going business support

Having owned and operated a variety of facilities over the years, our gym consultants understand the challenges you are going to face getting your business started on the ground. Gymers Consultant helps you make your dream come to success and make your gym business more profitable in a very competitive market.

Learn how our gym consultants can help you start a successful gym business.

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